RCCAOI 1/8 Off-Road Round 2 Prep

Next Race

  • Date – Sunday 23rd June 2019
  • Location – BADMCC
  • Series – RCCAOI 1/8 Off-Road Irish National Series 2019 (best 3 from 4 to count)

Last race / Current state of car

We were at NIMCC 1/8 Off-Road Summer 2019 Round 2, on wet, short-pile astroturf. Car was brilliant and being on astro normally means a fairly clean, but gritty/sandy car – wet astro, almost guarantees grit/sand everywhere.

Full race report – here

Normally I would remove my engine and radio tray at the trackside and give the car a good blow down with the air compressor – but on this occasion I didn’t have the time to do this after the final. So – a little more to do now!

Step 1 – Wash/Clean Shell

Baby wipes or a cloth – just to remove anything that’s on the shell.

Step 2 – Remove Engine & Radio Tray

Before I complete this, I give the car a general visual check, making sure everything is as it should be – drivetrain moving freely, no obvious damage or parts broken, screws hanging out/missing, etc. Then out comes the engine, pipe and radio tray (to get into the bits the compressor tends to miss.

I use a large paint brush, turn the car upside down and brush to remove all of the dirt/grit.

Step 3 – Remove Centre Bulkhead & Diff

The general idea here is to simply clean in below it. Unscrew the 4 screws and repeat the brushing with the paint brush. Before and after below.

At this stage, and a really cool design feature of the HB D819 allows this, the full bulkhead and diff are fitting back into the brushed and cleaned chassis. Then, the top of the bulkhead can be unscrewed and the diff itself will pop out. This gets a brush and is wiped clean, then the bearings are checked.

Normally, I would reoil the diff now (but this one was done just before the final of the last race, so it’s fine for the 90 minute practice session at the next race and it will be reoiled before the start of the heats at the track – 10 minute job). So on this occasion, it gets reinstalled into the bulkhead and screwed together.

Step 4 – Front Diff and Drivetrain

So next on the list of things needing done before the next race is a front diff rebuild and a bearing check/clean at the front of the car. Diff removed and emptied and everything cleaned. Another brush of the harder to reach areas is also completed now.

As I know what we are preparing for, I know what my starting setup for the weekend will be and I can get the diff reoiled, leave it to settle (air bubbles surface and then disappear) and seal it all up and install it.

6k XTR Ronnefalk Oil for the front

Removing the front bulkhead to access the diff is ridiculously easy. Makes this a doddle!

Shimming rechecked and diff installed into bulkhead

Once this is all sealed back up, we move to the hub bearings on the front end. Driveshafts get removed and the bearings pop out. Cleaned and checked. Once we are happy, it all gets built back up and that completes the front end for now (links need changed for the next race but this is next on the list – not much else is changing up front).

Now the front is complete, we move to the rear and repeat the same process as was completed on the front.

The rear diff oil will be lighter than the front – although not too light or the car will feel unstable on power.

Step 5 – Shock Rebuild

I don’t always rebuild my shocks after an outing at NIMCC – but something felt a little odd when the car was on the table after the meeting. On further inspection it looking like air had been sucked into a front and rear shock – so a good decision.

Finished Car

At this stage, everything gets assembled! Had a few new shells cut out and painted by Jonny over the past week or so – very happy with the result.

Completed car.

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