Paddy Piston 2019

The annual Paddy Piston Race happens over the next 3 days – 31st May – 2nd June 2019. Last year’s champion, Bradley Baird, looks to defend his crown against a very strong field. This year sees the introduction of a Truggy Class – which should prove to be interesting. Race Commentator, Bjarne Hollund, will be in attendance this year. As normal, the event is a controlled tyre event.

Hoping to provide some info on it as it progresses, but the format is as follows:

  • Friday 31st May: 12 noon – 6pm Controlled Practice
  • Saturday 1st June: Short Practice, followed by 10 min Qualifying Heats.
  • Sunday 2nd June: A few heats, followed by all Finals (inc. 1 hour long A Main).

Good luck to everyone taking part!

Paddy Piston Highlights from 2015 (CRCCC YouTube video)

Friday Practice

Due to start controlled practice at 12 noon and it will run until 6pm. Bjarne Hollund has arrived, and has an early video of the track posted. Looking great, but wet.

A short clip from Friday’s practice. Short track is in use – perfectly designed multi-surface track makes it possible to run, regardless of the rain.

Some photos from Friday’s Controlled Practice

Saturday – Qualifying

Rounds of qualifying are likely to last around 90 minutes – with 7 heats per round (6x 1/8 Buggy and 1x 1/8 Truggy). Full heat listing and drivers per heat can be found below.

The weather has been kind overnight! With no rain, the track will have had a chance to dry up and should make for a fantastic days racing at BADMCC. Practice starting soon, with heats to follow. Stay tuned for overall qualifying times from each round.

Practice Session

With practice now complete, it was defending champion Bradley Baird who is setting the pace. Graham ‘Sloppy’ Alsop in 2nd and Matt Lewis in 3rd.

7 of the top 10 are local racers after practice.

Practice – 1/8 Nitro Buggy Results

On to round 1 now…

Round 1 Qualifying

Bradley Baird (JQ) sets the pace and TQs Round 1 in both classes – Buggy and Truggy. Matt Lewis and Graham Aslop (HB Racing) in 2nd and 3rd respectively in Buggy class and Jon Hazlewood and David Telford in 2nd and 3rd respectively in Truggy Class.

Buggy 1/8 Round 1 Results
Truggy 1/8 Round 1 Results

Round 2 Qualifying

Graham Aslop (HB Racing) takes TQ in round 2 buggy. Alan Scroggie (HB Racing) in 2nd and Elliot Taylor (Agama) in 3rd.

In The Truggy class, Jon Hazlewood (Agama) takes TQ, with Bradley Baird and Elliot Taylor in 3rd.

Buggy 1/8 after Round 2
Truggy 1/8 after Round 2

Round 3 currently underway.

Round 3 Qualifying

Graham Aslop secured the round TQ in Buggy class. Bradley Baird in 2nd and Matt Lewis in 3rd.

In Truggy, it was Jon Hazlewood in the TQ position with Elliot Taylor in 2nd and Bradley Baird 3rd.

1/8 Buggy after 3 rounds

Round 4 Qualifying

In buggy class, Matt Lewis has top spot in round 4. Andrew McLean secures 2nd and Alan Scroggie takes 3rd.

Jon Hazlewood takes round 4 top spot in Truggy, followed again by Elliot Taylor in 2nd. David Telford in 3rd.

Standings after 4 rounds in Buggy
Standings in Truggy Class after 4 rounds

Round 5 Qualifying

In Buggy, Graham Aslop takes Round 5 TQ, with Elliot Taylor in 2nd and Alan Scroggie in 3rd.

Standings after Day 1 and 5 rounds of qualifying.

With the business side of things all wrapped up for the day. There were a few fun races held! First up was the WAGS race.

Here’s the start of that race.

WAGS Race start

More footage of the WAGS race on BADMCC Facebook page – here

Next up was the top 15 sweetie race. Matt Lewis took the win, with Graham Aslop 2nd and local man Alan Scroggie in 3rd.

On to tomorrow we go!

Sunday – Qualifying x2 and Finals

Round 6 Qualifying

Bradley Baird TQs Round 6 in Buggy. Matt Lewis takes 2nd and Graham Alsop in 3rd.

Round 7 Qualifying

Final Standings in Buggy after qualifying
Final standings in Truggy after qualifying


Finals listings are up and due to kickoff at 12.30pm with the Truggy A Final. Here we go! Jon Hazlewood in his Agama Truggy is in pole position after TQing.

In the 1 hour long A Main Buggy, it’s Graham Aslop (HB Racing) in pole, with Bradley Baird (JQ) and Matt Lewis (Associated) in 3rd.

Finals are listed!


Full list of published times for finals and all heats can be found here on – click here

Buggy 1/8

  • 1st – Matt Lewis (Team Associated)
  • 2nd – Graham Alsop (HB Racing)
  • 3rd – Elliot Taylor (Agama)
Matt Lewis takes the win
Graham Alsop
Elliot Taylor
Adam Stewart as the highest place junior in 11th – well done Adam

Truggy 1/8

  • 1st Elliot Taylor (Agama)
  • 2nd Bradley Baird (JQ)
  • 3rd Jon Hazlewood (Agama)

Videos/Photos from finals

Short video of the A Final
Alan Scroggie’s HB Racing Buggy
A Final Rostrum
Team JQ
Shelley Baird with 2nd place in the WAGS race
Bradley Baird (JQ) with his 2nd place Truck
Michael and Matt Lewis
Nemo Racing Team

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