NIMCC – 1/8 Off Road – Summer 2019 Round 4

Saturday 13th July 2019, Ballymena.

  • Car: HB D819
  • Radio: Sanwa M12s
  • Engine: Novarossi Rolling
  • Fuel: Piranha
  • Tyres: Schumacher Mini Pins (trimmed)
  • Oil: XTR – Ronnefalk v2

Round 4 of NIMCC 1/8 Off-road Summer 2019 Championship – with 4 from 6 to count.

Been a few weeks since our last outing, so was looking forward to this one, while knowing the turnaround to the following one was 1 week, which was unusual. Car was fully prep’d and ready to go with the starting setup for NIMCC dry. Full rebuild and check was completed as there was plenty of time between the previous race and this one.


The weather was unusually good to us, after a week full of heavy rain. The track was pretty much dry by practice and stayed that way throughout the day – with grip increasing as the day progressed.


Open practice went quite well, setting low 30s, with 30.3s being my lowest a few times. I couldn’t quite break the sub 30s lap time. Gave the car a quick check over, tweaked ride height and camber, and Alan added more brake, allowing me to start hitting high 29s. Things felt great and there wasn’t much to be changed.

Also opted to double class today, with our recent addition of 1/10 Off-Road, and Gary kindly lent me his PR Racing 1/10 4WD buggy, with Curtis’s electrics. Thank you again for this gents.


Round 1

Heat one the track had lots of grip, although a few places remained ever so slightly damp. Car felt amazing and I made a few mistakes at the start within the first few laps, but managed to land my first ever 14 lap result in 441s. This left me 2nd overall after round 1.

Round 2

Had a mare. Crashed in the far left corner and lay upside down for 10-12s before the transmitter decided to die (switched on, but nothing happening and screen was blank). That pretty much saw an end to this heat but got restarted and back out to have some fun – a few ‘trebles’ in a row, before absolutely binning it at the 3rd attempt, straight into ‘Tony fence’. Lots of grip roll and nervousness in this heat – so a few tweaks were needed.

Round 3

After Round 2, the hub inserts on the rear were flipped to leave pin hole down, one dot up, and I added the standard hexes all round to replace the narrow hexes. The car felt instantly better. Pushing was no problem and the car just steered through every corner. Don’t think I was marshalled once and delivered (my second ever) 14 lap 7 minute heat, 13s better than my last (in round 1) in 428s. Little needed to be changed for the finals – battery charged and car given a once over. This left me in P2 for Round 3 and 2nd overall after qualifying.

Standings after qualifying


Final Listings

Starting from P2, behind Alan, the plan was to keep it tidy and the car on wheels for the first few laps. Managed to get away clean and maintained the gap Alan had for a lap, but building up a good gap on third. On lap two the worst happened, transmitter seemed to die again and the car wouldn’t turn, hitting a pipe and needing to be marshalled – I thought that wasn’t it! As I was leaving the stand the transmitter regained consciousness and I got back to position and carried on – amazingly still in 2nd, but by the skin of my teeth.

We had a race on now! Gary was pushing hard in his HB E817v2 and we battled for several laps – I managed to keep the lead up until I pitted and he took P2, then he ‘stop-goed’ and as he did I made a mistake which gave him a true P2. We battled and I had to push, making mistakes from time to time, he stopped early and I pushed on. With about 15/16 mins gone, I was half a lap back but knew my pace was quicker lap on lap. I finally overtook him to take P2 back, and about 3 corners later his race ended with a dead battery – leaving me about 2/3 laps clear in 2nd and about 2 laps behind Alan and his Novarossi Mephisto powered HB D817v2 machine. An enjoyable last few laps, with me setting my fastest final lap on the very last lap – a 29.7s. Was pretty happy to take 2nd (37 laps), and while 2 laps back on Alan (39 laps), that’s a much closer gap than I’ve previously managed, so taking it as a positive to be 2s avg lap behind – with the intention to cut this down again next time round.

Enjoyable day, HB D819 and the Novarossi Rolling were incredible again. Looking like a pretty good decision that has helped me move forward, perhaps a more suited car to my driving style?!

Thanks to David & Mervyn with the fuel bottle all day. Much appreciated guys. And Alan, for his word of wisdom on the rostrum!

P.s. managed to take 4th in the 1/10 class – was 2nd (for about 10 seconds) but consistency was an issue and the car spent more time upside down than it did on its wheels. A good advertisement for the PR Racing 4wd buggy though – it took serious abuse!

A Final Results
B Final Results
1/10 4WD – A Final Results

Well done to Alan Scroggie for his double TQ and wins with his HB D817v2 and HB D418 cars.

We move on to the next race, next weekend:

RCCAOI Round 3 – 20th/21st July 2019 @ Cork


Quick Video – 1/8 Off-Road Heat 1