Irish National Series 2019 – 1/8 Off-Road Round 2 @ BADMCC

The Track

What an awesome place to race! A well run and brilliantly prepared, multi-surface track allowed for some great racing throughout the weekend. A great job to Barkley and everyone who put the time and effort in to make this happen and run so smoothly. Even the weather played ball!

A view from the end of the rostrum looking left


Round 1

It was Alan Scroggie (HB Racing) setting the pace in Round 1. Paul Myles (Kyosho) wasn’t far behind in 2nd, with Andrew McLean (Agama) in 3rd with his brand new Novarossi Mephisto Engine.

Round 2

Alan Scroggie, in his Novarossi Mephisto powered HB D817v2 set the pace again in round 2. Followed again by Paul Myles and this time Barkley Abernethy (Agama) filled the third position.

Round 3

In an epic battle in heat 4 of round 3, which saw the top 4 drivers separated by less than 1 second, it was Andrew McLean who steering home round 3’s TQ. Paul Myles in 2nd once again, followed by Alan Scroggie in 3rd.

Round 4

Final round of qualifying saw Alan Scroggie back on top in P1. Paul in his trusty 2nd position and Andrew McLean back in the top 3 once again.

  • TQ – Alan Scroggie (HB Racing)
  • 2nd – Paul Myles (Kyosho)
  • 3rd – Andrew McLean (Agama)


Finals Starting Order

E-buggy Final (10 Mins)

Adam Stewart (TLR) sealed the win, with Colin Whelan (TLR) in 2nd and Barkley Abernethy (Agama) in 3rd.

C Final (20 mins)

Results and info to follow (if anyone can share these?!). Greg Cunningham (Agama) and Jonny Stroud (JQ) secured the bump ups into the B Final.

B Final (20 mins)

A pretty chaotic start saw the lead switch to 3/4 different drivers. Jimmy Chan (Kyosho) had the initial lead, then Michael D’Arcy (Kyosho) lead for a number of laps until a mistake let Aaron Gault (HB Racing) through to lead the rest of the race and take the first of two bump spots with the win. Christian Boyles (Agama) was absolutely flying in P2, just in front of Greg Cunningham (Agama) and ended up only 8 seconds behind to secure the last bump up into the 45 min A Main.

  • 1st – Aaron Gault (HB Racing)
  • 2nd – Christian Boyles (Agama)
  • 3rd – Greg Cunningham (Agama)

A Main (45 Mins)

Alan Scroggie takes the win at Round 2

Alan Scroggie (HB Racing) converted his TQ into the overal win in the 45 minute A Main. Not only fast, but extremely consistent. Paul Myles (Kyosho) didn’t let that 2nd spot go once all day and steered his car home in second to add to his win in Round 1. Barkley Abernethy (Agama) wrapped up the podium in 3rd, while double classing and running the meeting – impressive Barkley!

  • 1st – Alan Scroggie (HB Racing)
  • 2nd – Paul Myles (Kyosho)
  • 3rd – Barkley Abernethy (Agama)

More pictures to follow…

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