Irish National Series 2019 – 1/8 Nitro Round 1 @ Cork

Track Walk

Cork National Track walk

Posted by Radio Control Car Association Of Ireland on Sunday, 19 May 2019
Track Walk on Sunday Morning

Heat 1 Results

After Heat one of qualifying at RCCAOI Round 1 in Cork, only 3 and a bit seconds separate the top 3. With William White on top, Alan Scroggie less than a second behind in second place, and Paul Myles in third.

Heat 2 Results

After Round 2 of qualifying, Alan Scroggie takes the round with a 10 second gain from his first round result. Paul Myles takes 2nd and Colin Whelan in third.

Overall – Alan Scroggie in first, William White remains second and Paul Myles in third.

Onto round 3

Heat 3 Results

Round 3 just finished. Alan Scroggie takes top spot for a second time. Paul Myles finishes 2nd and William White takes 3rd.

Overall sees Alan in the TQ spot and well positioned to secure overall TQ. Paul Myles behind him in 2nd. And Colin Whelan pips Barkley Abernethy to 3rd after 3 rounds of qualifying, by a better time of 5 seconds.

Round 4 up next – the final round of qualifying, before we move onto the finals.

Heat 4 Results

Round 4 had Alan Scroggie on top. William White in 2nd and Colin Whelan in 3rd.

Overall TQ – Alan Scroggie
Starting 2nd – William White
Starting 3rd – Paul Myles

Good luck to all drivers for the finals.

A Final Result

End of the A final

Well done to Paul Myles on his Round 1 win today. A 3 lap lead on Barkley Abernethy in second. Jimmy Chan pipped Colin by 5 seconds to secure the final podium spot.

Well done guys.

And from what I have seen from the track this weekend the guys from CRCCC have done a fantastic job over the winter months. ?

See you soon!

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