HB D819 Build – Part 1

Tonight I started the build of the my new HB D819 Nitro Buggy delivered today from Answer RC.

Bag A – Front and Rear Shocks

Bag A had lots of parts, but it wasn’t very different to any set of shocks I’ve built in the past. Was very surprised to see pretty much every available piston come in a pack, for both front and rear! That was cool! Everything felt so new and shiny.

Ronnefalk’s 8 minute video on how he build s his HB Racing shocks

Bag B – Front, Rear and Centre Differentials

The diffs took some time, naturally. The gears are bigger than I have used and they feel really solid. The 1x diff carrier bearing is different than I’ve recently known on my previous car 1 – which used a secondary bearing (a design which I think was being phased out in the new car). Everything here was pretty straightforward – the set screw was a bit odd going into the front and rear diffs after I had inserted the pin to hold in the first outdrives (but a really good design for ease of installation).

Setup is 7k front, 10k centre and 3k rear. With the gearing 43/13 front and rear and a 48t Centre spur gear.

The XTR oil (both for the diffs and the shocks) is nice – the bigger bottle is more cost effective and is easier to hold.

Bag C – Front and Rear Camber, and Steering Linkages

My hands are sore! Everything is so tight!! All links are now built and measure exactly as the manual instructs. Balls all added and set to one side.

This just had all the feelings of been plastics! Certainly one to pay attention to – ensuring the grooves of each turnbuckle is as shown to ensure it is easier to change camber in the same direction when the car is built.

Bag D – Chassis & Stone Guards

This was the first bag I wanted to open! It is a brand new chassis after all ❤️ We finally got to it in a disciplined approach – the fourth bag in the manual.

Stone guards were fitted and the centre bulkhead mount / chassis tightener was set to one side (needed in Bag E).

The 5 screws, going from the top to the bottom of the chassis is nice. The guards feel really tight and I’m hoping the screws cause no issues further down the line.

Bag E – Centre bulk head and centre diff mounting

Brake pads and discs were fitted to the bulk head. I wasn’t overly sure how to set these in terms of distance between each pad. I’ve had a good estimate and there’s a slight bias on the front – approx. 60/40 f/r.

Note: chassis tightening screws/nuts have been removed to leave chassis as normal.


That’s all for tonight!! Maybe get an hour’s sleep here now if the two babies wouldn’t mind!

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