About Aaron

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m a pretty average guy, called Aaron! and in recent years I have become involved in (and mildly fascinated by) RC racing.

I work in the IT industry, as a (Technical) Consultant, for a Managed Service Provider (MSP) called Nitec Solutions – based in Antrim.

Married to Jemma, with two children and two dogs – Rio (who we have had since a puppy) and Heli (who we adopted from a fantastic rescue for Staffordshire Bull Terriers – NISBTR).

It’s 2019, and everyone wants to share their life online in one way or another! Well – I don’t really. But – I do quite like the idea of tracking my journey in something I enjoy and hope to continue to improve at as time moves forward and experience is gained – RC Racing.

So (you should never start a sentence with the word ‘so’) – if you’re here, then that’s totally cool – thanks for being here (even though I’ve probably asked to to come here and you’ve done it reluctantly; or, you’ve somehow managed to get here by yourself – even though you’re wondering why you’re here and you probably won’t be much longer!). Either way – thanks for being here!

Read the posts, don’t read the posts – I don’t mind. I simply plan to track my journey through RC racing in a little bit more detail than I have up to this point – for my own satisfaction.

Anyone who has seen me racing in my 3 short years will know I can ‘drive’ a buggy, or a car, etc, but you will also know that I’m not by any means up there, or even close to being up there (nor think I am!) as a brilliant RC racer – but that doesn’t mean I can’t blog about my experiences… right?!

Right! I can, and I’m going to 🙂 and who knows, there may well be other brain dumps or experiences shared as I go! 

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